Visual Story Branding With Pinterest The World’s Latest Social Media Obsession!

So by now unless you have been trapped on Mars, you’ve heard
about Pinterest and you’ve seen the 20 million tweets, 7 million blog posts, 2
million YouTube videos and 1 million webinars! To tell you what?  The exact same thing you would have learned
if you had read the start-up directions or gone to the help section on Pinterest
I know, I know it’s every good blogger, social media guru
and experts job to jump on the latest Social Media Tool bandwagon but come on
folks! Some of these how-to’s are lengthy, boring and plain ole stupid!  So to cut to the chase at the end of this
post I will share some links to some of the best Pinterest blog post, tutorials
and Pinboards around to get your creative juices flowing.
Now let’s keep in mind not every social media tool out there
should be used in every company’s social media engagement strategy however with
a little creativity and imagination most companies can use Pinterest, especially
if they are subscriber’s to the story branding concept.
What is story branding you ask? Well for the purpose of
Pinterest campaigns and strategies; it’s creating a well-defined visual story
that connects your audience with the underlying message that you are trying to convey.
One of the best boards around employing this “Story Branding” concept is the
Texas A & M  Aggies Tradition
board! The Aggies have taken pictures of 
their traditions “in action” and used the comment section to explain them
to the viewers. After looking at the pictures and reading the comments one
truly understands what the “Aggie Traditions” are and how important they are to
the students and alumni. Another great use of visual story branding is Fashion
blogger Christine Martinez her boards were so
engaging that Calypso St.
sent her on an all-expense paid 
trip to St. Barth to “Pin” live from 
their summer catalog fashion shoot!
So there you have it a few good examples of visual story
telling that connected the authors with their audiences and left them wanting
 Stay tuned for my
upcoming e-booklet on Pinterest Engagement Strategies and Contests ….but until
then you can watch out for the occasional cinch with Pinterest and other social
media tips! As a matter of fact listen to the one below to find out how to track
your ROE/ROI(Return of Engagement/Return of Investment)

Tata for now smooches SocialMMMDiva 😉 

For more tips on Pinterest and the best Pinterest analytic tools listen to the cinch post below

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  1. I think it will be better to do marketing manually rather than with the use of tool. We can have so many features on social networking sites so there are so many advantages of using our trick.

  2. I'm sorry you lost me…are you saying that it is not good business sense for a company to see if they are a perfect fit to use the hottest new social media vehicle around?? Or are you saying that they should not use one of the suggested tools to track Return Of Engagement on their campaign so they can calculate their Return Of Investment? Any good "social Media Marketing/Branding specialist" knows that in order for any of their clients to be successful with social media there must be a multi-channel strategy that will include old,new and yet to be created advertising techniques,tools and technology! So please explain your position

  3. So Sorry if U feel sad by my comment but there was not intention to point out negativity. This is just my point of view.. Just wanted to clear that I always believe in manual marketing or promotion rather than using tools or any other tricks. the social network sites will allow us so many features for branding or other promotions. It doesn't mean that we should not use tools or advertising techniques…… hence it;s really nice post and i also get good information out it.. cheers..

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