Klout 2.0|The fall out and breaking it off with an old friend!

So finally after days of waiting for a response, I received an e-mail from Klout. After reading the canned responses, I am beginning to wonder if they really know what an algorithm is or how it should function!

Just one look and you will understand why it is the good folks at Klout couldn’t seem to get the right equation together for their new algorithm! Go ahead click the link I double dare ya! Klout Algorithm Analysts hard at work ; now after that display of awesome tomfoolery one can understand why the new algorithm is what it is! I mean after all of that I guess the best equation they could come up with was (Twitter +FaceBook+ Foursquare -MySpace) + (True Reach + Network)*Amplification=HOT MESS!

No, really I have given up all hope of the good folks over at Klout ever addressing the issues!

I mean Social Media Enthusiasts everywhere want questions like these listed below answered:
• What/who determines what we are influential about?
o i.e. how many times can we discuss a topic before we are determined to have “Klout” on that subject?
I mean I myself have tweet’d and facebook’d about venues to host a clients speed dating event and suddenly I am influential on bars ( I don’t drink) yet nothing on qr codes or social tv or webprogram’s which I discuss daily. And this is a common complaint of others in my social tv and qr code networks.
• How will “Klout” correct this issue?
• Why is it when my true reach or network influence goes down my overall “Klout” score decreases?
• Also how can we add a topic that we want to give +K to an influencer on?

But alas Klout feels like Jane Q public doesn’t deserve a response! So, I guess like the saying goes I’ll be treating Klout like an old boyfriend; Sure we talk and do other things ….but it’s just not the same….I’ve been eyeing the guy across the hall and he’s looking in-Kred-ibly hot!

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