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Now if y’all remember I listed Twylah as one of my end of the year Tweetastic Twitter apps; well recently I had the pleasure to interview my good friend and Social Content Curation Goddess Kelly Kim of Twylah! Here are her thoughts as it relates to  “SEO, Content Curation & Twylah

SocialMMMDiva: Can Twylah be used to increase your SEO?

Kelly Kim: Twylah takes your tweets from Twitter and transforms them into SEO friendly pages. Not only are these pages SEO friendly, they are beautiful and easy to navigate. And they are easy for everyone to understand, not just people who get Twitter.

SocialMMMDiva's twylalh page

SocialMMMDiva: Kelly, what benefits does Twylah offer to increase your Google rank?

Kelly Kim: Twylah is a great way to make your tweets last longer, to make them
easier to understand, and to make them more valuable to you, as the publisher. As far as Google rank, this is up to you — you will need to rely on the value of your content to get ranked highly.

SocialMMMDiva: What optimization tips do you have for folks using Twylah?

Kelly Kim: The best way to optimize your Twylah content is to include it on your website. If you do both these things, you will be fully optimized in terms of tweeta/Twitter content “ownership.”

1. Create a custom domain (see “hosting” info for
full instructions – and 2. include a
widget on your site.

SocialMMMDiva: What advice would you give to someone who is going to use Twylah as
a part of their content curation strategy?

Kelly Kim: If you’re going to use Twylah as part of your content curation
strategy, you’ll need to start sharing your Twylah page. Best ways to
do this are to:

1. tweet out the page each day. Many people use this @ifttt recipe

2. power tweet (more info on power tweeting here: Power tweets creates a special
landing page for your tweet which has context (other related tweets
are included) and it drives traffic back to your Twylah page (and
*your* website if you have a custom domain). Power tweets work best
when they have a great image and/or video and when there are also
other tweets we can pull in for context (in other words when you have
tweeted a fair amount on that topic before.)

 SocialMMMDiva: Do you find it’s easy for folks to integrate Twylah with the current website?

 Kelly Kim: It takes most people about 5 minutes to create a CNAME for their
Twylah page. So, yes, most people find it very easy!

So there you go y’all even more reasons to use Twylah! Now let me say that next to Pinterest it is the biggest referrer of traffic to my site! So smooches & tah tah for now….

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