Did you remember to incorporate mobile into your social media marketing plan?

Ok so your company has finally put together a social media marketing plan and you think you’re ready to conquer the social media marketing world. Then BAM you are hit with the reality that life just went mobile!

From April 2009 thru April of 2010 mobile phone use as it relates to social networking grew dramatically during that time according to comScore MobiLens data. Social networking was the frontrunner of all mobile application categories with 240% growth during this time frame as the numbers of users increased from 4.3 million to 14.5 million! Now let me throw this question at you so did you include mobile in your social media marketing plan?

Now y’all know that I have told you from the start that social media marketing was way more than throwing up a facebook/myspace page & an occasional tweet but a full on compilation of marketing efforts! This could consist of several tools depending on the nature of your business. Your needs may range from facebook, sms/text message marketing, radio, print, TV integration to building a mobile “app” or even Bluetooth marketing!!

So there you have it! Time to go out and re-vamp your plans, now just remember that marketing in general is not a one size fits all type of outfit! Any true Diva knows that to get the proper fit it must be tailored for your individual personality & size. So while you have a social media marketing company handling your social media plan be sure they are qualified to take on the task of Social Mobile Media Marketing!

For more info on Social Mobile Media Marketing you can always contact the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva at Karen@onyxmobilemarketing.com or 888-546-7947

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