Channel surfing

So today Saphire [my car] has decided that she doesn’t want to go outside, so I have to stay home too. Time to channel surf!
As I flip through the channels I see an Oscar Meyer commercial where the husband is soo ignoring his wife @d not going to the kitchen to get his lunch UNTIL drum roll she Texts him a picture of his lunch!  Swoosh I channel changes to my favorite shopping chanel and as the hostess is teling me about a beautiful morganite set I rose and white gold ring she says if you downloaded are app “lucky” you! You can oder and secure your purchase withouut holding on the phome as these are selling like hotcakes! Swoosh channel lands on game tv new show on where the host is telling how us folks at home can play along using the app or by sending a text!
So as I type this out on my Samsung Epic keyboard, I am thinking how did we ever watch tv without my mobile! And my next thought was how can any business owner do business without multi channel social engagement anymore?! 

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