An Open Letter to Santa| The Smart Tech Women Really Wanted For Christmas

In 2016, I was an awful good girl! There were a ton of guys I didn’t kiss and even more sales that I missed!! So frankly I don’t understand why you were so mean and didn’t check hardly anything off

my list! Not one smart tech gift!

So listen, Santa, listen I know I asked for high tech things but had you done a little research you could have gotten everything off my Christmas list!

But just like a man you promised me glitter, glam & glitz but gave me a whole lotta ish!

Santa let me explain….you could have given me everything that I desired at a great price if you would have just asked, ”Alexa” or looked at my Amazon “wish list”!

Yes, Santa we’re through, no longer believing in you!

I mean seriously was it too much to ask for a classic black bag that could charge my phone on the go? And you expect me to believe that you couldn’t find a cute and useful selfie remote? Hmmm, I found several! And how many times must a girl complain about not being able to get her makeup selfie perfect before you get her a Juno smart mirror?  Look Santa I could go on and on but I digress.

Let me get to work and do what I do best!  Find all the totally freakin awesome deals on Amazon & eBay!

Here’s the SocialMMMDiva’s must have 7 tech items for the New Year!

  • Alexa: Whether you purchase the Amazon Echo, Tap, Dot or the Firestick, Alexa needs to be in your life as your new virtual assistant/BFFL! With Alexa, living alone is not only easier but more entertaining, efficient and exciting and if your money is short you can start small by getting the Amazon Dot when not on sale they’re just $49.99.
  • Braven lux wireless Speakers: These babies bring all the glitter, glam & glitz and they do it without breaking your pocket book! It works with the Amazon Echo, Tap and Dot to enhance the music you’re playing as well as your conversations with Currently selling for $69.99 for Amazon Prime customers!
  • A smart mirror from Juno to help get my make up just so! Because I saw this lil goodie on Kickstarter it may not be available to the masses yet but you can get on the waiting list! And I’ve got it from a good source that it’s going to be affordable too.
  • An Avido Selfie Speaker & Remote so that I can do an impromptu photo shoot as I walk the platform on my way to the morning train. Because everywhere this Tech-Socialite goes turns into a New York Fashion Week Runway! Currently selling for on Amazon for $19.95.
  • Every Diva needs a little black bag, especially during the holidays and being the Tech-Socialite that I am, Santa you knew I’d want that Black Kitty bag from the Macbeth Collection so that I could keep my phone charged on the go! By now Santa you should know how much I love a bargain, yes, I found it, as well on Amazon, for only $18.99!
  • And it wouldn’t have been Christmas without something glittery for my wrist! The Viennois smart bracelet would have been the perfect gift. It really has all the glamor & glitz! But it’s not just for show, it keeps a girl in the know. Keeping track of calls, calories, my steps, sleep alarm and even Aunt Flo. You guessed it! I found it on Amazon too and it would have only cost you $69.99!


OMG, Santa you acted more like the Grinch this year and I mean I was an awfully good girl! O well, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t ask for what I really wanted! That new EKKO mirror for $399! You know the one that will tell you the weather and time you brushing your teeth. But I digress Santa wishing and hoping for you to bring me the best I ended up with mess. So, we’re through in 2017 I’m not waiting on you! I’ll do like everyone else and buy my own stuff from Amazon.


Tah-tah for now and I’ll chat with you soon about the best of CES!



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